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Teaching in today's climate is more challenging than ever. Yet, it can also be incredibly rewarding. In fact, serving youth can be life-changing for them AND for you!

I have spent the past two decades advocating for students as a school counselor and previously as a community & family support worker.

Now, I take all of the insights and strategies I have learned and developed to share with educators across the globe. From growth mindset to trauma-informed education to creating inclusiveness and community in classrooms to emotional regulation.

Compassionate Educators is not your everyday professional development and I am not a typical educational consultant. Here at Compassionate Educators, we do things DIFFERENTLY.

By empowering educators, just like you, to embrace radical self-compassion, meaningful connections find JOY in your role and intentionally create ripple effects so that our next generation has a passion for learning and a purposeful, beautiful life.

If this sounds like a path you are ready for, take a moment to explore the site and CONNECT with me to learn how we can work together to uplift you and your students.

With Joy & Compassion,
Marie Kueny 



Elevate Teacher Wellness

Honor your own needs by prioritizing self-compassion and self-care while leaning on support systems so that you never feel alone and reduce the risk of burnout and compassion fatigue.

Build Intentional & Inclusive Community

Create your ideal classroom so that your students feel safe, supported, and ready-to-learn, making your job much more fulfilling.

Provide Emotional Regulation Mastery

Discover how to support your students' social-emotional well-being with a trauma-informed lens so that you can help students navigate any challenge that interferes with their learning.

Educator, You Are Worth It!!

You deserve the support you need. Isn't it time?


The Compassionate Educators Show Podcast

Join Marie Kueny as she brings real-life experiences from not only working in schools from preschool to higher ed and everything in between, but also interviewing educational thought leaders from around the world to help you and your students thrive in the modern world of education. Dive deep into topics including: Growth mindset, preventing and reducing burnout and compassion fatigue, trauma-informed education, social emotional learning, inclusion, project-based learning, mindfulness... and much more! Let's change lives together! See you inside!

From a Teacher's Perspective

"It was a pleasure working with Marie. Her positivity and growth mindset was infectious amongst students and staff. She helped me to grow as an educator through compassionate support and courageous conversations." - Samantha

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