What Is It Like to Work With Compassionate Educators?

"It was a pleasure working with Marie. Her positivity and growth mindset was infectious amongst students and staff. She helped me to grow as an educator through compassionate support and courageous conversations."

- Samantha, ESL & Spanish Language Teacher

“I like that Ms. Kueny takes the whole student’s life experiences into account. I have seen first hand how she promotes empathy, positive social skills, and compassionate values when educating children and dealing with parents. She is also culturally sensitive and is abreast of best practices and resources.”

- Mariano, Middle School Science Teacher

"Hi Marie, I just wanted to tell you that I learned so much from you in our time together. Thank you.  A long time mentor of mine just mentioned my personal and professional growth to me and I wanted to thank you. I learned so much from you." 

-Elaine, Award-Winning STEM & Robotics Teacher

“As a School Social Worker I recommend Compassionate Educators with Marie to remind ourselves of the check-ins that are necessary as a professional. Marie is genuine, authentic and transparent with tools that give you a deeper look at the work we do on a daily basis.”

- Tessa, School Social Worker

"Being part of Compassionate Educators sustained the fire in my heart and vocabulary through this pandemic. You are truly compassionate and it was conveyed through our zoom book club. You were sure to reach out to each of us and hear our voice."

-Evelyn, ECE Teacher

“I am so thankful that I found this program. Not only has it allowed me to become a more compassionate educator in the classroom, but the support from other educators during this time has been tremendous. I am thankful to be able to grow as an educator!”

- Lynnette, Elementary School Teacher

“I would also like to thank all the Compassionate Educators, especially Marie, for your understanding and support. You help me to see things in a more positive way.”

- Kari, Elementary School Teacher

"I appreciate how generously and authentically you inspire, teach and motivate!!"

- Robin, School Counselor 

"So appreciative of the guidance I'm getting!! I'm growing so much and ready to become the leader I know I can be!!"

- Brenda, School Social Worker

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